ChatGPT for Gmail - EzMail.AI Chrome Extension

ChatGPT-powered free Chrome Extension for Gmail that generates entire emails and messages.

What you'll get with the EzMail.AI Chrome extension

Email context fed into prompt automatically
One-click insertion of generated draft into Gmail text box
Chat to refine the generated draft
Robust connection to your ChatGPT account
All languages are supported
Absolutely free
100% privacy friendly

How to use in Gmail

1. Install the EzMail Chrome extension.

2. Go to Gmail, open an email, and reply to it.

3. Click on the EzMail extension button in the Gmail text box.

(If this is your first time, you need to create a free account on

EzMail.AI chrome-extension useage 1

4. Briefly describe how you'd like to reply, and then click on the Generate button.

EzMail.AI chrome-extension useage 2

5. ChatGPT will generate a personalized email reply draft.

EzMail.AI chrome-extension useage 3

6. If you'd like, you can refine the generated draft by continuing the conversation until you are happy with the result.

EzMail.AI chrome-extension useage 4

7. Click on the Insert button to insert the generated draft into the Gmail text box.

EzMail.AI chrome-extension useage 5
EzMail.AI chrome-extension useage 6