Reply to emails with pre-filled draftsusing AI

EzMail.AI pre-fills personalized responses for you, enabling 10X faster email replies on Gmail, especially for repetitive or similar messages.

How it works

  • 1

    Ingest all your emails

    Sign in with your Gmail account.

    Ingest all your emails
  • 2

    Train Al models with your emails

    AI does all the hard work automatically.

    Train Al models with your emails
  • 3

    Use Al to reply to emails as "you"

    Drafts magically appear in your inbox ready to go.

    Use Al to reply to emails as "you"

What you'll get with EzMail.AI?

Reply to emails 10X faster

Always have pre-filled replies ready to go

Al drafts emails as "you"

Reply with confidence like a native speaker

Works on both mobile and desktop

No manual setup needed

Use cases

Customer support emails

Save time, personalize responses

Sales emails

Speed up outreach, increase conversions

Social media inquiries

Quick response, brand consistency

Marketing emails

Effortless campaigns, higher engagement

Collaboration requests

Streamline communication, build relationships

Referral requests

Easy referral outreach, higher response rate

Follow-up emails

Efficient follow-ups, better engagement

Networking emails

Professional outreach, build connections

Too good to be true?
Try it yourself!